All Jasper Electronics (JE) standard model power supplies and products are guaranteed to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a minimum of two (2) years from the date of original shipment, when operated within specification. This warranty applies only to defects that result in a failure to perform to published specifications. Non-standard (custom) power supplies and products may be warranted on an individual basis. The unused portion of this warranty is fully transferable with the original equipment in which the power supply is installed.

To obtain warranty repairs, the sender shall first contact Customer Service at Jasper Electronics Anaheim, CA, facility and request a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number. The entire defective power supply shall then be returned intact to the factory (not to distributors or other agents from which it may have been purchased) by prepaid freight in a manner to preclude shipping damage. Individual components shipped by themselves shall be returned at the customer’s expense. Please clearly note the RMA number on the shipping container adjacent to the shipping label.

Return shipping documentation shall contain the Jasper Electronics model description, part number, serial number and 4-digit date code (taken from the manufacturer’s label applied to the power supply), the RMA number, and if known, the original or repair purchase order number and a brief description of the defect. Units shall be adjusted, repaired or replaced at JE’s discretion, free of charge, and returned to the customer at JE’s expense.

This warranty is void when, in the judgment of Jasper Electronics, the defect or damage has been caused by accident, abuse, misuse or unauthorized modification or repair performed by the customer or his agents. If in the judgment of JE only a portion of the defect or damage is due to the causes stated above, only the repairs covering that portion of the defect or damage shall be charged to the customer.

The customer shall be notified of all repair costs prior to any repairs being performed on returned units or that portion of returned units determined to be out of warranty for any reason. Non-warranty repairs shall not begin prior to receipt by Jasper Electronics of notification of acceptance by the customer of the quoted repair charges.

After diagnostic and test evaluation, units found to have no defects may be subject to a minimum $85.00 service charge. The sole obligation of Jasper Electronics and the purchaser’s exclusive remedy under this or any other warranty, expressed or implied, is the adjustment or replacement of the defective power supplies or other JE products as provided above. JE shall in no case assume liability for any direct or indirect loss, cost of repair, incidental or consequential damages of any kind, whether or not foreseeable, arising in connection with the design, manufac¬ture, sale, installation, repair, replacement or through the use or misuse of these products by any user. No other obligations are expressed or implied.


Prior to returning products purchased directly from Jasper Electronics for credit, the sender shall contact Customer Service at JE’s Anaheim, CA, facility and request a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number. The sender must be able to supply the equipment model number and Purchase Order number at the time the request is made.

All returned power supplies or other JE products shall be in new, unused condition and in the customers possession no more than thirty (30) days. Shipments shall be sent freight prepaid, and the shipping document must note the assigned RMA number. Unauthorized returns shall be refused by Jasper Electronics.

Returns should be made in the original shipping container whenever possible, or must otherwise be packed in a manner to preclude shipping damage. Any shipping damage shall be the responsibility of the sender.

Standard JE products are carried in inventory. When the wrong model number is ordered by the customer, it may be exchanged for the proper unit only after an RMA number has been assigned. A standard restocking charge of 40% or $75.00, whichever is greater, shall be applied to all items returned for either credit or exchange.

Accessories, power supplies with built-in options, non-standard or obsolete models, any material modified or built to customer specifications or showing obvious signs of use may not be returnable for credit. Contact the factory for additional information.


Every reasonable precaution is taken to ensure that the customer receives Jasper Electronics products in good condition. Each item was new when it left the factory and was packed in a container approved by the carrier.

JE makes shipments FOB from the Anaheim, CA, factory or other subsidiary facilities. When placed on board the carrier’s vehicle, the equipment becomes the customer’s property. The customer is responsible for examining each container when it arrives at the customer’s facility, and for immediately reporting any damage to the delivering carrier. The customer shall make any and all subsequent claims for redress of in-transit damage directly to the carrier that delivered the shipment to the customer’s facility and not to JE.

Jasper Electronics manufactures a quality product, equal to any available in the marketplace; however, this product is intended to be used in accordance to the specifications published by JE in this and other related JE documents. Any use or application that deviates from the stated operating specifications is not recommended and may be unsafe. All statements, technical information, specifications, terms and conditions contained herein are believed by Jasper Electronics to be reliable as of the publication date of this document, but the accuracy and completeness is not guaranteed. JE reserves the right to change specifications, terms and conditions without prior notification.