Traffic Control Power Supplies


  • Caltrans Approved and TEES Compliant
  • For use in Caltrans TEES 332, 334, 336, 342, 344, and 346 Series cabinets
  • For use in Advanced Transportation Controller High Voltage cabinets
  • For use in NEMA cabinets
  • For use in Traffic Intersection Control Systems
  • For use in LED Road Signs
  • High Efficiency / High Reliability
  • For use in existing and new configurations
  • Single and Multiple Outputs Available
  • Custom Configurations Available
  • Caltrans Power Supply
  • TEES Power Supply
  • ATC Power Supply
  • NEMA Power Supply


Jasper Electronics designs and manufactures Traffic Control Power Supplies which are fully compliant to the State of California Department of Transportation (CalTrans) Transportation Electrical Equipment Specification (TEES) dated November 5, 2020 for use in Caltrans TEES 332, 334, 336, 342, 344, and 346 Series cabinets. Jasper also offers compliant units for use in Advanced Transportation Controller (ATC) High Voltage cabinets, NEMA cabinets, state of the art Traffic Intersection Control Systems, modern LED road signs, and other related applications. If you’re upgrading an older system, Jasper offers smaller, lighter, more efficient, and much more reliable units than legacy supplies.

Jasper traffic control power supplies are the first choice for many state departments of transportation including California, New York, Colorado, Georgia, and Alabama, among others. Custom Caltrans power supplies and TEES power supplies are our specialty! Please contact us with your specifications so we can offer a solution!

Model (Click for data sheet)WattsSize (LxHxW)OutputsApprovedApplicationGet Quote
TC2070-4A703.18 x 6.97 x 8.87"5V, +/-12V, and +12V ISOCalTrans332, 334
TC2070-4N703.18 x 6.97 x 8.87"5V, +/-12V, and +12V ISONEMATS1, TS2
TC206L1205.50 x 6.00 x 7.28"24V @ 5ACalTrans332, 334
TC206LS1202.85 x 5.15 x 8.55"24V @ 5ACalTrans332, 334
TC206L-NY12015.20 x 4.35 x 4.33"24V @ 5ANYSDOT (Pending)332, 336
TC22161757.0 x 1.72 x 19.0"24V @ 5A, 48V @ 1A(Pending)Advanced Transportation Controller (ATC) High Voltage Cabinets
TC2501806.60 x 6.00 x 5.50"12V @ 5A, 24V @ 3A, 12VAC @ 0.25A(Pending)TS1, TS2
TC206E2405.50 x 6.00 x 7.28"24V @ 10ACalTrans332, 336, 342, 344, 346
TC3013006.5 x 1 x 3.35"5V @ 60A(Pending)LED Road Signs
TC4014003.23 x 1.61 x 5.0"12V @ 0.5A, 48V @ 8.3A(Pending)Traffic Intersection Control Systems