External Power Supplies


  • 90-264 VAC Universal Input
  • Output Voltage Options from 3.3-50 VDC
  • Models from 3-250 Watts
  • Large Selection of Standard Output Connectors
  • Efficiency Levels V & VI – CoC Tier 2
  • Worldwide Safety Approvals
  • Desktop 2 & 3 Pin AC Input Options
  • Special Connectors, Colors, & Cable Lengths are All Available at Standard Pricing and Low MOQs


Jasper’s External Power Supplies and IEC Power Adapters are available from 5W-150W, with single and multiple outputs. Fixed and detachable I/O cords are available, as are Standard and Custom configuration External Power Adapters. Please feel free to contact us for any further information about your application so we can offer a solution.

Model # (Click for data sheet)WattsTypeSize (mm)Safety ApprovalsO/P VoltagesLevel VIGet Quote
SAW06F-USB6WWallmount57 x 26 x 39mmcUL, FCC5-24VYes
SAW06D-USB6WWallmount57 x 26 x 39mmcUL, FCC5-24VYes
SAW09 Series9.6WWallmount57 x 39 x 26mmcUL, FCC5-24VYes
WRG10F Series10WWallmount62 x 46 x 27mmcUL, CE, FCC9-12VYes
SAW12-USB12WWallmount41 x 27 x 27mmcUL, FCC5VYes
SAW12 Series12WWallmount59 x 41 x 26mmcUL, FCC5-24VYes
ICP12 Series12WWallmount59 x 41 x 26mmcUL, FCC, GS, CE3-36VYes
VEG15B-120F15WDesktop76 x 44 x 26mmcUL, CE, FCC12VYes
JE118WWallmount79 x 58 x 32mmcUL, TUV, CE5-24VYes
VEG20C-120F20WDesktop94 x 44 x 32mmcUL, FCC, CE12VYes
ICP30 Series30WWallmount71 x 43 x 31mmcUL, GS, C-Tick, CCC5-36VYes
CGSW30 Series30WDesktop92 x 45 x 27mmcUL, CE, GS, PSE, CCC9-36VYes
SAW30 Series30WWallmount75 x 52 x 23mmcUL, CE, GS, C-Tick9-24VYes
SAW36 Series36WWallmount97 x 45 x 32mmcUL, CE, SAA, C-Tick5-24VYes
CGSW48 Series48WDesktop97 x 45 x 35mmcUL, CE, FCC12-24VYes
HEMG5650WDesktop110 x 58 x 32mmUL, CB, CE12-48VYes
HEMG7676WDesktop124 x 62 x 32mmUL, CB, CE12-48VYes
VAN90C90WDesktop150 x 60 x 31mmcUL, CE, FCC24-54VYes
HEMP106G100WDesktop150 x 60 x 34mmUL, CB, CE12-48VYes
VEG120C120WDesktop169 x 37 x 20mmcUL, GS, CE24VLevel V
HEMP152G150WDesktop150 x 60 x 34mmUL, CB, CE12-48VLevel V
HEMP252G250WDesktop189 x 95 x 48mmcRLus, CB, RMR12-48VLevel V