JBPA-Series Power Supplies

Jasper’s efficient JBPA-Series Power Supplies are designed for industrial and commercial applications which demand the highest reliability and performance. Select models are available from 120W to 3.8KW in both convection and forced-air cooled configurations, and offer a variety of outputs ranging from 12-56V with full range input 90-264VAC. Certain models also offer PMBus interface to monitor and control all essential functions of the power supply module, with custom controls available optionally.

Model # (Click for full info)WattsOutputsOutput VoltagesGet Quote
JBPA-C150-120150Multiple12V @ 12.5A, 5V Standby @ 2.5A
JBPA-225225Multiple12V @ 18.75A, 5V Standby @ 2A
JBPA-C300-120300Single12V @ 25A, 12V Standby @ 2.5A
JBPA-350W350Single12V @ 29.2A
JBPA-C500-120500Multiple12 @ 42A, 5V Standby @ 2.5A
JBPA-RS600-120600Single12V @ 50A, 12V Standby @ 1.5A
JBPA-R950-560-120A950Multiple56V @ 15A, 12V @ 16.8A
JBPA-RT38003800Multiple4-8.8V @ 313A, 12V Standby @ 2A