Jasper’s Custom Model PDA2-LS Power Distribution System For CalTrans TEES 336LS and 346LX cabinets


Jasper Electronics Model PDA2-LS Power Distribution System is fully compliant with the State of California Department of Transportation (CalTrans) Transportation Electrical Equipment Specification (TEES) November 05, 2020. The compact TEES Model PDA2-LS Power Distribution System is responsible for AC power intake and AC and DC power distribution to circuits within the traffic signal control cabinet. It is identical in function and control to the PDA-2L originally defined in TEES 2009, but with the overall height reduced by 1.75” [4.445cm] to 5.25” [13.335cm,] allowing space for the addition of a drawer shelf for laptop support in 336LS and 346LX cabinets.

Three AC circuits sourced from the Service Panel Assembly provide power to the PDA2-LS. Each is terminated at a 15 Amp circuit breaker. “AC+ Equip” powers a NEMA type 5-15R GFCI duplex receptacle accessible on the front panel, and a type 5-15R non-GFCI receptacle labeled “ER2,” located on the rear panel. “+AC RAW” powers most of the circuitry within and connected to the PDA2-LS. “+AC CLEAN” passes AC thru an EDCO Model SHA-1250 ITS (or equal) surge protector and EMI filter. This circuit powers the 206LS power supply, the external input file, and a NEMA type 5-15R duplex “Controller Unit Receptacle” labeled “CR” accessible on the rear panel.

In addition, the PDA2-LS has 2 user accessible slots for installing two Model 204 Flasher Units that provide four alternating signal drives. Power is controlled by a two pole 20 Amp circuit breaker on the front panel. Six 10 Amp signal circuit breakers are wired to terminal blocks inside the rear cover, which in turn are wired to the external Output File Assembly. The PDA2-LS incorporates a user replaceable Jasper Model 206LS power supply, a compact version of our proven model TC206L, as listed on the California DOT Qualified Products List. The 206LS switching power supply is capable of delivering up to 120 Watts of DC power through a single, regulated +24V DC output to provide power for the external (to the PDA) Input and Output Files.

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